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Project Description
Pure Midi - Handling midi communication in .NET with full sequencing support and arranger like musical styles playing.

This project is created for utilize some functions not available in widely known midi applications.
There are some goals which I would like to achieve:

  • Write midi monitor
  • Write split playing application
  • Write sequencing helper modules (incl. arpeggiator, step sequencer, rhythm sequencer and arranger module)
  • Write some GUI modules for handling presets of synthesizers with special careful for handling with touch screen monitors
  • Create module for transfer midi streams over TCP/IP
  • Combine all together into one (or more) very useful application(s).

And now some notes about my implementation of some midi standards: Midi standard implementation

I would add some special thanks for Leslie Sanford for C# MIDI Toolkit
and SCOOLETZ for very useful architecture advices.


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